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Upper Pit River WMS Outreach Questionnaire

Name (or Farm/Ranch):
E-mail Address:
Nearest Town
Miles from Nearest Town

Do you agree that the following Goals should be included (as stated below) in the WMS?
(Goals are not numbered in any particular order.)
2=Yes, but it could be slightly revised
4=No, unless revised

1. Improve Water Quality
2. De-list the Pit River (remove from Federal Clean Water Act 303d list for impaired water bodies)
3. Increase summer base flow without depleting groundwater resources
4. Reduce river and stream channel erosion
5. Sustain and improve aquatic and riparian habitat
6. Retain and regain sagebrush steppe ecosystem
7. Control and prevent the spread of invasive plants and noxious weeds
8. Support and encourage better coordination of data collection in the watershed
9. Sustain and improve upland vegetation and wildlife communities
10. Strengthen the community and natural resource based economies

If you chose 2 or 4 for any goal above, please make the appropriate changes to the goal in the space provided below.

Additional Questions:
Are there Goals or conditions that need to be improved in your watershed that you feel were not addressed above and should be included in the WMS?

Is there a problem in your watershed that you think needs to be looked at in more depth? What is the problem and who would you suggest be responsible for looking into that problem?

In what way(s) could the WMS provide you with the most value?

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