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Photo Gallery - Recent Events 2006
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Recent Events - Photo 1
Students on their way to the Adoption site at the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge pass by sign boards educating hunters about shoot or no shoot.
Recent Events - Photo 2
Adopt A Watershed field trip students discuss seasonal changes.
Recent Events - Photo 3
Students investigating leaf shapes at the Adopt A Watershed site.
Recent Events - Photo 4
Students listening for birds at the Adopt A Watershed site.
Recent Events - Photo 5
The students observed and experienced Modoc National Wildlife Refuge on beautiful Fall days in October.
Recent Events - Photo 6
A class stops at the River Center with lot's of questions.
Recent Events - Photo 7
Adopt A Watershed site with plenty of leaves for art projects!
Recent Events - Photo 8
Students excited about leaves without chlorophyll.
Recent Events - Photo 9
The Pit River at the 'Talbott Project Site," three years after a completed restoration project. Note the rock placed to deflect water current in the river bend.
Recent Events - Photo 10
Dobe Swale restoration shapes up.
Recent Events - Photo 11
Water catchment areas to allow spring run-off to slow down, soak in to the meadow and keep moisture in the ground for a longer period of time at the Dobe Swale.
Recent Events - Photo 12
A new water control structure on the Homestead Tributary to the Dobe Swale.
Recent Events - Photo 13
Day in the District participants exploring restoration work at the Homestead Tributary to Dobe Swale.
Recent Events - Photo 14
Materials ready for erosion control on the Likely, Phase II restoration project.
Recent Events - Photo 15
Likely Phase I restoration project AFTER 2 years since completion.
Recent Events - Photo 16
Likely Phase II restoration BEFORE beginning restoration project.
Recent Events - Photo 17
RCD & River Center staff preparing stream assessment material for a Modoc High School field trip.
Recent Events - Photo 18
The Banana Slug String Band performs watershed songs at the Niles Theater in Alturas for all the Alturas Elementary grades plus parents and teachers!
Adopt a Watershed
Adopt A Watershed site on the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge. A brisk summer storm, complete with lightening and wind, knocked major limbs from the old cottonwood trees.
Natural Resources Workshop
Natural Resources Teacher Workshop--This workshop held on July 25 and 26, 2006 brought educators from all over California. The photo shows small group participation in learning about native and non-native plants.
Eagle Scout Project - Before
Eagle Scout project--The area directly behind the River Center building...with the BEFORE look. An Eagle Scout project is in the works...hopefully an AFTER photo will be ready soon. A raised planter with native plants is planned.
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