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Pit River Watershed Management Strategy

Updated March 2008

Watershed Management Strategy

Watershed Management Strategy

The Pit River Watershed Alliance, a group of non-regulatory stakeholders, is facilitating the development of a Watershed Management Strategy for the Upper Pit River Watershed (from its headwaters down to McArthur).
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Watershed Management Strategy Survey Questionnaire

Watershed Management Strategy Presentation (opens in new window)

Mission Statement:
Improve and maintain the quality and conditions of the Upper Pit River and its tributaries through active application of technology, education and community participation, for the benefit of the Pit River Watershed and the communities that depend on the health of the river.

The purpose of the Pit River Watershed Management Strategy (WMS) is to summarize and prioritize the resource issues facing the Pit River Watershed. Further, the WMS is designed to foster an organized, voluntary forum to address goals and implement actions needed to improve and maintain the Pit River Watershed.

Interested in Participating?
Sign up at the River Center!

We welcome discussion and comments about the proposed goals... it's your opportunity to make a difference.

Proposed Goals:

  1. Improve Water Quality
  2. Re-evaluate the 303(d) listing of the Pit River.
  3. Increase summer base flow without depleting groundwater resources.
  4. Reduce river and stream channel erosion.
  5. Sustain and improve aquatic and riparian communities.
  6. Retain and regain sagebrush steppe.
  7. Control and prevent the spread of invasive plants and noxious weeds.
  8. Support and encourage better coordination of data collection in the watershed.
  9. Sustain and improve upland vegetation and wildlife communities.
  10. Strengthen the community and natural resource based economies.
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