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Organic Growers in Modoc County

January 2007
Modoc Independent News

Jerry's Little Green House, owned and operated by Jerry Schliesser, grows “everything.” Jerry retired from working in Nevada mines and decided to grow an organic garden. He started up a green house to extend the growing season in Ft. Bidwell. Jerry started by trying out some vegetables. Everything grew successfully, so more and more vegetables and fruits were added to his garden. He recently obtained organic certification. Jerry's list of crops includes lettuce, carrots, many varieties of tomatoes, green beans, corn, swiss chard, and lot's of other vegetables. His orchard produces cherries, peaches, plums, pears, and apples. Jerry grows grapes, raspberries and black thornless berries. Jerry sells his produce at Farmers Markets in Cedarville and Lakeview. Another organic grower in Modoc County is Eagle Peak Herbals. The Hodge family, located near Eagleville, produces single herb extracts, herbal formulas, oils, ointments, lip balms, poultices, powders and animal health products. Eagle Peak Herbals organic gardens are fertilized with compost from their llama herd and blue-green algae from their pond. Their organic growing practices make the herbs they produce very potent and full of minerals and vital nutrients. All herbs used are organically grown or respectfully wild-harvested.

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